Energy Center Harrisburg has served downtown Harrisburg as the city’s provier of choice for reliable and efficient district energy services since 1965. The system’s facilities owned and operated by Clearway Thermal provide energy-efficient and environmentally sound district heating and cooling to more than 100 customers in downtown -Harrisburg—including the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Capitol Complex and Harrisburg municipal government facilities. The system also provides 6 MW of electricity to the local power grid.

Customers use the steam generated by Energy Center Harrisburg for space heating, domestic hot water heating, humidification, and industrial processes and the chilled water for cooling. Energy Center Harrisburg’s power generation component is interconnected with the PJM grid. In addition, the system’s staff repairs and maintains customer steam equipment.


System Type: District Energy – Steam and Chilled Water Electricity Generation

Total Capacity: 370,000 lb/hr steam, 3,900 tons chilled water, 12 MW electricity

Distribution: 30,000 ft steam distribution system, 800 ft chilled water distribution system


Energy Center Harrisburg

900 Walnut Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101


Ali Karvar

Regional General Manager

Shawn Fiebig

Operations Director