Featured Customer - PNC Park

Featured Customer – PNC Park

Since its opening in 2001, PNC Park has become a Pittsburgh icon and is also widely considered to be one of the top stadiums in all of Major League Baseball. The Energy Center Pittsburgh has been providing district energy to the park since day one. To serve the facility, new heating and cooling equipment was added to our system and housed in a new annex adjacent to our North Shore Plant that includes:

  • Two 1,200-ton electric-driven chillers
  • One 20.4 MMBtu/hr hot water boiler

The stadium chose the Energy Center Pittsburgh for many of the same reasons as other Pittsburgh buildings and customers – the ability to tap into and rely on a proven and existing network of heating and cooling without having to build their own system, the upfront cost savings that come as a result, the design flexibility gained by not having to integrate an onsite system, and the operating expertise provided by the Clearway Energy Group team.

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