Energy Center Dover

Our Dover plant sells electricity to the mid-Atlantic region, which feeds into the city of Dover transmission/distribution system. Given the grid's configuration, Energy Center Dover is the only electric generator operating in the city limits over 95% of the time.

The coal-fueled combined heat and power plant was constructed by General Foods in 1984, later acquired by Kraft Foods, then sold to StatOil in 1996 and finally purchased by the Clearway Energy in 2000. We added two units to the facility so that we can better support the local Kraft Foods plant, the Procter & Gamble plant and the city of Dover.

System Profile

Services provided: Steam for space heating, domestic hot water and industrial use, as needed; electricity for all in-plant uses and distribution to the grid

Major customers: Nearby Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble plants

Plant capacity: One plant with 15 MW steam turbine capacity and 88 MW combustion turbine power; plant staffed 24/7; can supply up to 125,000 lb/hr of steam to Kraft and Procter & Gamble

Distribution system: Two-pipe steam system with condensate return to plant from Kraft Foods and Procter & Gamble

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